Vietnam - Useful information for your trip

Vietnam is a country in South East Asia and its capital city is Hanoi. It borders east and south the South Sea of China and for a short stretch the Gulf of Siam. In the north of the countty lie table mountains and the delta of the Red River, while the south hosts Day Trurong Sun mountains and Mekong delta. The Vietnamese territory is mainly characterized by hills and mountains with thick vegetation.

Its main rivers are Mekong and Red River. The climate is monsoonal, with high humidity levels, dry winters and rainy summers. In the summer the southern area is often hit by typhoons.

Both coastal and inland areas offer amazing landscapes, characterized by a strong diversity in the flora and fauna. In the north, especially in the mountains, there are hardwood forests and coniferous forests, while tropical forests are populated by elephant, deer, tiger, leopard, monkey, crocodile and snake. The intense anthropization has reduced vegetation, especially due to intensive rice cultivation.

In Vietnam over 54 ethnic groups coexist, the main one being the Viet. Each one is located in a precise area and has developed their own traditions, customs and language, although the official lenguage is Vietnamese.

As for the economy, the main sector in Vietnam is agriculture, whose main product is rice. Other relevant crops are sugarcane, potatoes cassava, soy and corn. Coffee, tea and rubber are grown in plantations. Industry is mainly employed in rice and textile processing, but there are also plants for processing agricultural products such as distilleries and sugar factories.

Visiting Vietnam means crossing different realities, from the chaotic traffic of cities such as Hanoi, the capital city, to the beautiful islands of Halong Bay, from Hue imperial tombs, Unesco Heritage Site, to the countless natural parks or vast religious complexes in My Son.