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Vietnam, with its natural and artistic beauties and the deep spirituality of its people, is able to raise unique emotions in those who decide to visit it.

Both the coasts and the interior offer amazing and suggestive landscapes, characterized by a strong diversity in the flora and fauna. In any place of this country you can totally breathe in its spirituality, giving visitors a sense of peace and tranquility.

In Vietnam more than 54 ethnic groups live together, the main one being the Viet. Each one is located in a precise area and develops its own traditions, customs and language, although the official lenguage is Vietnamese.

Visiting Vietnam means crossing different realities, from the chaotic traffic of cities such as Hanoi, the capital city, to the charming 3500 islands of Halong Bay, from the majesty of the imperial tombs of Hue, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the many natural parks, also declared World Heritage Site and protected areas, and to the religiosity that you breathe in My Son, in the vast complex of religious monuments.

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