India's Invitation

India's Invitation

India’s Invitation is one of the fastest growing destination management companies for India. We, at India’s Invitation, have a dynamic and enthusiastic team of professionals. These professionals are skilled to making the dream vacation come true.

All started years ago when we started a company called “Wildlife’s Invitation” as at that time we were more into Indian Wildlife parks and Jungle safaris. Many of our travelers asked us to arrange other destinations for their further travel but we though we were not ready for it. But finally we decided to start a new Travel Company namely ”India’s Invitation” to help the travelers in tailor made tour programs for complete India. Tailor made tours for India were completely new at that time. But people believed in our hard work and honesty. India’s Invitation started growing with the help of happy customers from all over the world. Today it's one of the finest tailor made tour companies in India.

We believe in “Every happy costumer is a free advertisement” and India’s Invitation works laboriously all throughout the year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to accomplish what we believe.

To help people in their dream vacation we also need to travel to all the different parts of India. As we have mentioned we are specialized in tailor made tours for India  and our traveling helps us giving you the up-to-date information about destinations and hotels. 


India's Invitation doesn't provide insurance for the travelers. Travelers have to buy it from their country.

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