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People choose to travel to India for a simple yet unique experience: getting to know a country where reality goes beyond rationality. Its beautiful natural landscapes, big cities, ethnic groups with different traditions, habits and religions are an undeniably charming melting pot.

In India there's a discovery to be made at every turn. Whether you choose a tour, a stay or any other type of holiday, this magical destination will touch your heart and will enrich your soul. Only in India will you find such a unique blend of contrasting elements that coexist happily: ancient history and cutting-edge technology, art and entertainment, scenic beaches and vibrant cities alive with energy and activity.

It's hard to express in words how magical India is, you have to go there and experience it in person. You won't regret it.

Choose between all travel experiences available on Vivitravels or customize them to suit your personal travel style and prepare for an extraordinary adventure in India!

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