India - Useful information for your trip

From the immaculate Himalayan peaks to the beaches of Malabar, and down to Kanyakumari, formerly for the English Cape Comorin, where two oceans merge, the Indian subcontinent is a reality apart, a kaleidoscope of historic, philosophical, cultural and spiritual events, moulded by an exuberant nature where 645 ethnic minorities live together without conforming.

India's secret charm is all here, in this unlimited human outlook that created the “myth” of India,  fed by current events from the megalopolis narrated by Chandra Vikram in “Love and Longing in Bombay” or more simply by the exotic tales of “tigers and Malaysian pirates” à la Salgari.

The Western world found in India something that goes beyond rationality, a different way to see things. You leave for India with a little bit of fear, for this complex reality, hard to grasp, but if you open your mind and your heart to this gathering, it will be easy to fall in love and a comeback to India becomes certain.